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There are usually several reasons why we’re approached about a redesign. Reasons include a website looking out of date, frustrations with the CMS, or lack of leads, enquiries or sales. Put Basam Web in charge of your website redesign and will give you complete peace of mind.


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UX design

When it comes to design this has never been more important. UX design or ‘user experience design’ is all about designing a website, web page or web interface which is optimised for the user. The aim is to create an experience which is not only enjoyable, stress-free and simple, but also compelling.

Web Development

If you want a successful website, design is just the start. Our development team will make sure it works seemlessly whether it’s an ecommerce store, conversion-driven brochure site or tech saas corporate website with complex needs. We’ve got it covered.


We consider SEO as a part of every site we build and thereafter. Deeply embedded in Googles world, we know what we have to do to ensure the right people find your site.

stay ahead of the competition with a website redesign

Any web development company worth their salt will recognise when an existing website would benefit from judicious tweaking rather than throwing the whole thing out and starting from scratch. We never recommend a fresh start when you already have a good basis to work with.

Your site might work perfectly well in every respect apart from the way it looks. It’s subtle, but design trends change and before you know it your site can end up looking old fashioned and clunky. On the other hand you might need to go a step further and take new technologies into account, even if your existing content still fits the bill.

does your website need a redesign?

A lot of businesses hang on to their old websites for as long as they can, unaware that with a small investment they could actually start to see their business grow. Does any of the following apply to you?

  • Perhaps you’re happy with the overall design, but the website isn’t bringing in any business.
  • Users are bouncing off the site without clicking further than the home page.
  • The user journey is clunky and confusing.
  • If your website isn’t currently responsive and working on mobiles and tablets..
  • Too many changes to the site have left it looking more complicated than it should do.
  • Business priorities are different now and need to be reflected in the website.
  • The navigation may need simplifying
  • Some imagery is starting to look out of date.

website redesigns should be treated carefully

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to redesigning a website. The biggest risk we face is losing all your valuable search engine rankings. This in turn results in fewer visitors, lost sales and enquiries. You need a web design agency who have fail-proof processes in place to ensure that your site retains all its SEO goodness and some. Well, we’re that agency.

The other important factor is your loyal and regular site visitors. We need to be mindful of alienating them with a drastic redesign. Even big brands often fall foul of this. We can be sensitive to their discerns and ease them over to a beautiful new interface designed to leave them feeling good about their new experience.

how do our redesign projects work?

We start by doing a full investigation into exactly why you’re looking for a redesign for your website; exploring your current problems and identifying your desires for the new site. We then put forward the best solution for your needs whilst always putting your user/customer at the heart of our solution. Our unique process for this is how we get the best results. Your average website redesign timeline is around 3-4 months.

In delivering our solution we are mindful of not alienating your users by so drastically redesigning your site that it no longer represents the brand they are familiar with. By having a proper understanding of you and your customers we can easily avoid this scenario and we’ll work alongside you at every step to ensure we are all aligned in our approach.

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