The importance of having a website as a business can’t be emphasized enough, having a well designed website is one of the best things that you can do for your business. 

User experience is how an individual interacts with a website. It is also the quality of experience a person has when interacting with a specific design. 

For your website to offer a good user experience, the information on it should be: 

  • Useful 
  • Usable 
  • Findable 
  • Credible 
  • Valuable 
  • Desirable 

If you fail to prioritize user experience your brand reputation, customer Loyalty, and sales will most likely decline. 

Ways that your website design affects user experience 

  • It gives a sense of professionalism

A good website will enable you to appear more professional. Having a unified website design will also help enhance your brand image and the tone for your brand would give a clearer representation of what your business is about .

When a visitor sees that your website design displays professionalism this will contribute to them having a good positive experience and in the long run this will contribute to your brand having a good reputation. 

A professional looking website
  • Enhances functionality 

A good website design adds functionality to your user experience. An important factor to keep in mind is the responsiveness of your website. To improve functionality it is important that your website maintains the same appearance on various screens, this improves user experience by offering a simple and unified layout. 

A website that enhances functionality
  • Captures the attention of the user 

When a user opens your website, the first few seconds play a vital role in the user experience of the visitor. Having a pleasant design would captivate the user and keep them engaged with your content.                                                  

A website that captures users attention
  • Builds trust and a connection 

Having a consistent and unified design on your website would help to gain the trust of a user that they start to believe you’re a reliable business to work with.


When creating a website you must always keep your users in mind, so think about what your target audience will feel when they visit your website. 

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